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Bathrooms Southampton

Bathrooms Southampton

Are you thinking about updating your current bathroom or installing a completely new one? If you are, you will be searching for a professional bathroom installation service, which is something we offer at Oakley and Norman. To find out why we are the best for the design and installation of bathrooms Southampton has to offer, call us today on 02382 352 822.

Bathroom Design Southampton

When you are thinking about updating or installing a new bathroom, you will want to be sure that you are employing the premier installer of bathrooms Southampton offers. In this case, that company is Oakley and Norman, and we can create the most exceptional designs that truly encompass your personal style and vision.

We provide a range of comprehensive services, so regardless of the style you are after, our Southampton bathrooms service is the obvious choice. Our comprehensive services include:

Traditional Bathrooms Southampton

Here at Oakley and Norman, we pride ourselves on creating designs that encapsulate our client’s vision and personal style. A particularly popular stylistic choice is traditional, and we can fit the highest quality traditional Southampton bathrooms. This style combines both comfortable and classic features to create a suite that is utterly timeless. Traditional styling takes inspiration from classic trends in furniture, fixtures, colours, and accessories and can stand the test of time.

A traditional style offers flexibility and can cater to a verity of personal tastes to create something truly spectacular. This style typically incorporates features such as basin pedestals, cross-head taps, and close coupled or chain flush toilets. While white walls most commonly complement these features, the only limitation for your bathroom is your imagination.

We only supply the finest range of features, and these can be combined with floral wallpaper, décor accents, and dark tones to create dramatic and moody hues. Or, if you are seeking a bright and rejuvenating space, you can incorporate a stunning suite set amongst white tiles and natural style flooring for a room that exudes sophistication. Whether you are looking to convey stately elegance or an inviting sanctuary, traditional designs are the stylistic choice for you.

Modern Bathrooms Southampton

While it is easy to confuse modern bathrooms as being comprised of features combining the latest fittings and fixtures, the term actually refers to “mid-century modern”. Modern styling was a subsequent response traditional design and instead focuses on sleek features to create a minimalist and uncluttered space. Created during the 1920s – 1950s, the use of colour is particularly sparse, with particular emphasis on simplicity in comparison to the ornate features of the late 19th century.

At Oakley and Norman, we can create airy and open atmosphere bathrooms Southampton residents are sure to love. This is achieved by utilising white walls, sleek and seamless light, and natural flooring tiles with raised bathroom furniture. Wet rooms and walk-in showers that feature recessed and built-in storage walls are also a hugely popular feature. Additionally, you can opt for a space-saving, freestanding bathtub and a twin basin for the utmost ease and convenience.

As a premier bathroom remodeler Southampton offers, we provide the finest and highest quality range of brassware and other features, as well as heating and furniture. With this in mind, our clients can create a bathroom that is entirely bespoke and tailored to their unique style. Additional features such as geometric shapes and floor to ceiling mirrors will complement your modern bathroom fittings.


Contemporary Bathrooms Southampton

A contemporary style utilises popular features and trends from the present to create a highly fashionable and luxurious space in your home. Contemporary design is considered an ever-changing entity and simply refers to what is popular at the present moment. Therefore, it can be an eclectic mixture of different styles.

The beauty of contemporary design is that you can borrow design elements from any era to create a style that truly suits you. As your bathroom remodeler, Southampton clients can rely on us to design and install a truly contemporary bathroom. From modern bathroom furnishings combined with industrial features and bohemian touches, to traditional fittings with marble tiling and moody hues, our team can design it all.

When it comes to bathrooms Southampton, we provide only the most exquisite range of brassware and sanitary ware, along with heating and furniture. This means you will not have to source your individual fittings elsewhere and can rely on our team to handle every stage of your design and installation.

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Why Choose Our Bathroom Design Southampton?

When it comes to bathroom design and installation, you want to employ a company that provides the most talented team of designers and installers for your Southampton bathrooms. By choosing Oakley and Norman, you are employing fully trained, qualified, and experienced designers and installers, all of whom can create the finest designs.

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we cannot be more ideally placed to offer fully comprehensive design packages, tailored to suit your needs and budget. In addition to exceptional design services, we also stock both RAK Ceramics and New York Collection tiling to complement our stunning furnishings. Regardless of the style you are after, we are the ideal bathroom remodeler Southampton has to offer.

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To find out more about the best bathrooms Southampton offers, please contact us today on 02382 352 822. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our website and a member of the Oakley and Norman team will respond quickly and efficiently to your enquiry.